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Episode 179: For A Limited Time, Do More Damage. The Power Attack Experiment

WOW!! Lot’s new. Spockholm is at the mercy of their hosting company for stability, there have been some disturbances in the force (Sorry for the mix up Star Wars vs. Star Trek). Jen delves deep into the game changes. Janna pushes strongly for a Red Cross in-game item to help with all the tragedies our country has faced, and since the Red Cross is a global organization it donations would benefit other parts of the world as well.

  • I think that the problems with playing in different windows is a spock issue. I use MW Add On and have no problems while fighting in 1 window and doing jobs or collecting gifts, etc in another.

    I think that they could have more of these items that help a charity.I’d buy them. A Red Cross item would be great.

    Zynga could also do more.It drives me nuts when they offer animals as loot items and the animal is critically endangered but they don’t give any of the money to help the animal. I don’t buy loot but if it was to help an endangered animal I would.

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