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Episode 181: The Icemachine Cometh…

You would think with a title like this. There would be a new Spocklet called the Ice Machine, while that would be catchy. It is the MW name of our guest this evening Nic Deleon. He is probably one of the youngest MW players we have come across in a while. Although we surmise Brandon and he are pretty close. He talks a bit about how he got started, what keeps him here, etc. All this while Pistol Pete discusses the misunderstandings arising from the way the servers have been merged. Specifically, how it escalated to an all our war between the SPOCKS and the Faceless Assassins. Jen covers the issues with the latest Marketplace promotion. In addition, Pistol Pete harasses Jen over the new War Loot that released, and her sudden appearance back in the group. đŸ™‚ Lots to cover, so enjoy….

  • great I loved it, I am a hapy icer in hellhounds of the apocalypse. the show as fab and i can relate to lots of the stuff u mentioned. gonna friend the loot lady (if she’ll have me) and like her page. will defo listen again specially when u got rich nock on, big respect and shout out to him.

  • I do not understand why people get so mad about fighting. This is a fighting game. We all know that the numbers have dwindled so names for the fight list are becoming fewer and fewer. I see Spocks on my recent attacks list or ASS and it is 1 or 2 people, who cares. If my entire recent attacks was 1 family then I might get upset or if the same person attacked me 20 times a day, then I can see getting mad. I try to keep from creating drama so I do not get into the smack talk or have a war page for my family.It also helps that I set my script to Ice once and move on. It will not keep attacking the same person if I iced them already. People need to play rationally and think before they get all hot headed. Most of the time I don’t think an attack is personal or that you are targeted.

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