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Episode 182: Reduction in Popups. Thanks Zynga

Well it has finally happened. The ZMC popup, that jumps in view with every game refresh has been changed to be one a once a day occurrence. Thanks Zynga for the change. Pistol Pete talk about a mini spocklet called the “War Loot Needed” now available in the Toolbar. In addition, Jen and Janna cover game changes, and activity. She did finally get her 50% off in the Marketplace. In addition, the winner of the Twitter contest held by Zynga was announced. Congratulation to the winner.

  • I was hoping you all would talk about FB disabling accounts because I think if it continues its going to be a real problem for gamers.

    I also think it would be cool if you had a show sometime that talked about strategy in where to put your skill points. Especially for the new player. I see so many people giving advice about building up attack and defense, or health, etc. Even for people who have been playing awhile the advice is different. Those of us who have been playing kinda do it in the way we want but for newer players it has to be confusing.

    Congrats to Pete for making it to level 10k and for Jen I love Big Brother too.

  • hello guys

    Before I get into the purpose of my post, I’d like to tell Jana that ever since I learned of her plight with the fires, she has been in my thoughts and prayers. We had a fire back in 72, much like she is experiencing now. within 6 hours it had jumped a fire break and because of the winds was able to travel 23 miles and was literally on top of up us.. Not only were we concerned about losing our home, but also were scared for the horses as thy were sitting ducks. the smoke and ash was so thick, we could barely breath, took me several weeks before the rawness left. but thankfully we had angels watching over us and were spared. unfortunately the people across the street were not so luckily as the fire leveled several homes that were just across a few yards away. So GOD Bless Jana, may angels watch over you and your family.

    Since both Jenifer and Pete seemed to have been able to achieve 150 ices, I was hoping that one or both would be willing to share with their listeners any strategies they ave learned in the time that they have been playing. I level up about 5 time a day giving me 30k of stamina, my attack is 350k and my personals are both over 10k yet the average is about 50 ices a day, maybe a little more. I see myself spending over 1k just for one ice. While I am willing to try just about anything, I draw the line at having to target excessively lower ranked individuals. As Pete has his crusade about robbing, mine is about the removal of icing in favor of of a win loss format much like the fight club. x amounts of fight wins for x amount of ices. this way health can be used for what it shod be, just extending about of time one was able to fight and hopefully players will return to attacking players who are more their peer and not focus on the newbies.

    Pete, it strikes me as odd that you, with all your notoriety, seem to have difficulty achieving level 11 on the property builds, after all who would not want to help Pete right? So since you have shared so much with us, I will share with you and to the girls, though I’m thinking, they have no problem, what I have found that seems to work

    Success on the feeds takes time as you no doubt know, being consistent returning gifts makes one stand out. people are not inclined to to give gifts to people who don’t return them. as for the property parts, I have found you need to make it personal. Simply clicking on them, even clicking on them telling then what they got still seems not to make you real. My phrase “clicked, Hope you can RTF” seem to get a lot of responses that I would not have otherwise gotten. I hope this gives you as much success as it has given me

    One quick not for Jennifer, your statement with regards to a script file the isolates players from the war bots, you may or may no know, Facebook has an app called “lists” does the same thing. I used it as a temp solution when my posts were no appearing on the time line

    GOD Bless, Be well

    Steve aka Ligar59

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