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Episode 183: The “Kiss My Bot” Movement

Apologize for yet another late show. This is one is jam packed with our usual antics. We laugh, we rant, we laugh again. Add to that even more script Drama, and viola you have this show. Enjoy.

  • Very funny show, worth the wait. You all had me cracking up. Especially needed it this week with all the drama and tension.

    I hope Zynga will start listening to players but I really feel like there is this constant cloud over head of- will today be the day Zynga decides to just ban me or will FB ban me. It is stressful and since I come on FB to play games I am not sure the stress is worth it. Shouldn’t this be relaxing and fun. Where is the fun? Whether or not the banned players abused their scripts does not matter and Jen certainly is not to blame. This comes down to Zynga, and FB does it too, making arbitrary decisions with no explanation and you have no recourse. One thing that bugs me, and I have commented on the blog about, is those of us with a disability or different health issues who rely on scripts so we can play. For me it is not about leveling 1000 times a day or whatever, it is just doing the basic things I need to do because they require so much for family progression in addition to basic game play and events. I can’t click it all manually. My disability is not that serious. Someone called me a moron and an idiot and to go wait to die for bringing it up on the blog. I am not dying. I have a problem with my hand and I had surgery a week ago which may help. But my point is, I need the scripts and if I need them with my relatively minor health problem you can bet that there are many others who have more serious issues who need them too. Does Zynga care? I think they don’t. We should all be able to play and finish things. And there are other factors too I know, like jobs and families that limit play time that Zynga never thinks about. If they want to enforce a scripts ban, like you said clearly spell it out and warn people. I just won’t play anymore if they do. You made many good points in this show and I hope they were listening. I agree Kiss my Bot

  • Facebook has a no script policy, so zynga is obligated to follow suite, tho if they shared Facebook’s opinion I would think they would have never invited script writers into PAC

    I know that War bots mean I can’t assist in wars and those people, even though they may be in my own mafia should be sanctioned.

    I wonder is leveling up going to make a difference? Would it be so terrible if you didn’t use all your stamina or energy? Are you going to become instant cannon fodder. I don’t use fight scripts because it makes me feel like an observer rather than a participant in the game, but that is just my take on it

    While i am not a script writer, i would think the informational scripts would not have any major effect on overall game play

    I wonder if it is just not egos at work here, if Zynga did not come up with the idea, then they don’t want to consider it because it came from someone else?

    I think it would be beneficial for Zynga to lay down guide lines for their scripts and let the script writers work within those guide lines

    I think if Zynga were so anti script then why has this rule not been enforced? they know who does and who doesn’t

    Like it or not the rule says No scripts. I run the risk of sanction every time I use a script. I am an adult, I am expected to follow the rules, If I were to be sanctioned if the punishment is to be banned then that is the price I must pay and while I would hope that I’d be given a chance to modify my behavior, if I am not then as an adult, I need to live with that.

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