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Episode 185: Raging Rims…Close But No Server Images For You…

Jen and Pete are solo tonight. Janna is off enjoying some time with her family. Pete announces the addition of Brandon to Team Spockholm. His knowledge of the FB api, and his knowledge of the game will make him a great addition to the once team of three. We have Ripped Rims, with Rimmo Rim, Spina Spin, whatever his name is. We also got a new bank your money with Daniella, and get more than what you invested. I am sorry, does she look trustworthy. There is a new mission, a glitch (that is currently closed), and lots of other game stuff. So tune in, share the show with friends, and Spock ON..

  • Congrats to Brandon. You know I must say this game sucks mostly but I really like your podcasts.I really look forward to them. So thank you.

    I agree that the pictures for the Olympic themed event that is coming are tasteless. The Olympics are a positive event so why make it negative. Not the first time I thought that their graphics were in poor taste. I didn’t care for the children selling drugs jobs either.

    I wish they would let people gift family property parts too. I was able to get about 500 the other day which was nice. For 1 day people were excited about the game and it has been a long time since I have seen that.

  • Awesome that Brandon joined team spockholm 🙂

    I think the job drop rate for the hellish hydraulic and ripped rims event are very different. Unlike Jen the drop rate is now really good for me. With the last event I did jobs in brazil/london/chicago 2x a day with the double loot bonus active and most of the time I had to do low energy jobs in ny when i wanted to sign off cause i was still between 0 and 2 parts dropped from jobs. Usually had to do about 2000x the 3 energy job till i got my 5 parts. Now I have my max about 2 hours after i logged on without even trying.

    Great show 🙂 Always having fun listening to them

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