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Episode 189: Real Estate Woes, Another Property To Manage

It’s just Pete and Jen discussing the usual antics of Zynga. Confucius say “Too many events at one time cause server overload”. Pete gives a nice audio tutorial about the different ways to remove the Facebook frame around your game. Jen has a few rants and talks about things to come.

  • thanks for the great podcast!
    People actually buy reward points?? Seems like a waste of money…. I have fun with MW for free and i spend the reward points i get for free.

    I agree the Operations need updated loot…the Ops do provide 3 Helper points so Ops are good for that.

    Thanks again.

  • Nice accent Pete. I think a way to hold items in my ZMC is a great idea. I want to collect my gifts for the gift events and poker cards, etc but I like to plan ahead and keep enough items for my family properties to collect each day and they get bumped.

    I am sure there are families who intentionally keep them small for whatever reasons they have but for me, I am not keeping mine small on purpose. It is very hard to grow a family. Most people are in a family already or they don’t want to be in 1. And there are so many families out there. I did everything possible to recruit but we barely have over 20 people. So if we had a scale for progression based on number of members in a family that would be so much more fair. I know it could lead to some issues but they should do it and I am glad you suggested it even if it never happens. I appreciate you include ideas to help those of us in small families. Even if Zynga never listens.

    I am torn still about the mega power attack. I like getting my ices faster but while I am fighting people are attacking me and my fights lost go up too fast. I also feel bad for those with low stamina and health. Some people make fun of them but it takes time to grow an account.

    Anyway, good show as always and thanks for all you do.

  • I thought they changed it a while ago that you only have to have 6 operations in line in order for it to not pop up once every day. I got 6 in it and I haven’t gotten a pop up in months.

    Personally I thought of it as well that the mega power attack would be nice, if they put it in just one destination. So you actually got the options to not use it. Chicago would be nice cause there was never a money issue there that you had to fight a lot to get money for the jobs like london or brazil. I would love to see that. Lower levels/people with low stam have a hard time to get their ices and even I don’t really like it except for burning stam. I don’t get my ices faster than normally. It just eats up my stam and takes at least 6 hours to get the ices for the family progression.

    During the mega power attacks I fight in ny (vegas doesn’t work for me). And I use way more stam per ice than I usually do without the mega power attacks fighting in brazil. So I would only use it when I got the 150 ices to burn through my stam.

    I like to see as well that they adjust the family xp to the members. So 100 members getting all their xp per day should make them progress as much as a small family with just 10 members that still get all their xp per day. We shouldn’t be forced to add people to our family just to get 100 people in it and maybe getting our xp a little faster through that. It just adds a lot of drama to the family. We have about 40 daily player in our family and we’re doing good with it.

    Great show 🙂

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