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Episode 191: What Scares The New Players

Jana returns from a long vacation and Pete and Jen fill her in on what she missed. Pete ponders how new players survive the game without knowing what they need to do. Starting out in Chicago would have them missing out on the Golden Throne. The price of paying to replay a Secret District went down and the gang questions why we can’t pay to remaster all destinations. Jen accuses Zynga of link tossing which she learned the hard way is not cool! Jana starts a discussion about game thievery, stocks, social networks, browsers. The shout outs lead to a tangent talk about the definition of bullying.

  • got some questions for yall…this is technically my first podcast im listening to but love spock!! if it wasnt for you guys i would have quit.

    I dont know if this has ever been addressed but do you ever have interviews with random players of mafia wars? if so that would be a great idea..
    and if you do how do you do your interviews? and how do you pick people to interview?
    been playing since the beginning on myspace and had to transfer over…but would like to get some ideas/concerns out there as well…
    thanks guys for making Mafia Wars fun for me! much props

  • Oh sure pete, throw me under the bus as the big critic, thanks 😛 (j/k)

    I also saw the same ad for The Ville that Jana’s daughter saw kind of dissing Sims Social. I went searching for it but of course can’t find it now, but it is on Fakebook and pops up once in a while.

    Loved your ideas about revamping NY and bringing back old cities.
    I really liked playing Cuba over again when they brought it back with the new Ruby levels. I was sure they would bring Moscow and Bangkok back, but I think that may just be wishful thinking at this point.
    Anything we actually want or like it seems Zynga won’t ever do it. :-/

  • My group ϟ.Ⱦ.Ɍ.ι.ƙ.ƹ. [Superior Training, Resources, Information, Knowledge, and Experience] is a family that caters to the newer players in the game. I got tired of the fight clans. Same ole same ole stuff, and all the drama in the world. One thing I noticed with these groups is they take away more from this game than they give back. Sure Zynga is full of mistakes, but so are we the community. My partner and I thought it was high time we give something back, and help build back the player base.

    Just think. If you were a new player to this game what all you face walking in the door. This is why we founded our group, and we hope more may see the light. Bottom line the newer players need our help, and we are the only ones who can.

    Really love this show! Thx!

  • I love the idea of Bangkok returning since that’s the only city I didn’t finish. But I am sure lots of cities were not finished and we have too many costly cities now.

    So regarding new players, I stuck my mini in my family to get a few extra progression points a day and I have noticed a few things as well as on another mini I really don’t play. My minis are under level 30 and have very few friends. The bandits in Chicago are not just a pain for established players but how do they expect new players to get enough snipers? I did a little icing and had a lot stolen by levels above 2k who really shouldn’t be attacking the same people as a baby player, but they do. Baby players get killed by high levels too.

    New players can only craft in 4 properties and will never have the vast choice as established players. Yeah we have too many properties but the very new player only has 4 in NY until a limited time property comes out. Which is another thing. New players don’t have the friends or resources for any of this, limited properties, missions, etc. And lastly although I am sure I am missing something, the new missions are impossible for new players and even for many lower level players. They have a lot of work to do just to get to the districts that the jobs for missions are in, not to mention the energy and stamina,currency and consumables.

    I agree the golden throne is something new players need and yet they start some in Chicago. When you put it all together, why would any new people ever play this game. It is an exercise in frustration.

  • I can’t find ANY guides that are cut and dry in regard to skill point allocation.

    It would be nice to have a detailed guide that gave options ie: To create a fighter account allocate skill points in blah from lvl 1 through 300 or to create an energy account allocate points here etc.

    If there is anyway u can help me it would be GREATLY appreciated. I just started a pup account it is currently lvl 100. I put just about ALL skill points in energy so far because a site told me to but now I question that decision.

    I do have a higher level character that I created with no knowledge of skill point allocation.

    I consider myself a “fighter” and enjoy fighting, but also enjoy doing jobs and limited time jobs.

    Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.

    Best regards,

    Clan: Dark Paladin Character: Sabbath

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