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Episode 193: Farmville Goes Nascar. What About Mafia Wars??

The gang is all present with Mike in the Hopper and the discussion focuses on the usual Zynga copy/paste events and bugs. Jana is proud she reached Level 10 in Robbing, Jen is mad she couldn’t access her inventory and sneaky Pete was busy removing unnecessary things from the game via the Spockholm Toolbar. There are more great game suggestions that Zynga will probably ignore but one can always hope for change.

  • “Aren’t turtles usually sluggish?” LMAO

    Yes, please add more mastery levels for robbing and fighting, and more importantly, give us some kind of bonus or reward for what level we reach.
    This could easily tie in to the Top Mafia which desperately needs an upgrade/makeover too.

  • Stopping at 100 is not an option maybe 1000 might be reasonable unless others have surpassed it.

    Fight Mastery: Level 204: Master Assassin
    6599228Victory Coins

  • Great Podcast content, thanks! Pete’s volume was low in the mix again as Jen and Jana dominated over pet’s mumbling 😉

  • I disagree with Dave, wait until I am done with robbing mastery to add more levels. lol Congrats to Jana. I have never understood why robbing gives a better xp ratio than fighting. I guess it is either 1 of those MW mysteries or I do not understand Zynga logic, or both.

  • Love the podcast. Started listening about 4 months ago but have played for about 2 years. I must say, I am embarrassed for you guys about your intro. Soo cheesy,

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