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Episode 195: The MwG (Mafia Wars Gods), Think You Know Them Think Again.

We welcome to the show this evening Laurie from the MwG (Mafia Wars Gods). We appreciate her time talking to us about the Gods, and how different this social group is. Jen fills us in on the new secret district that is going to be coming out. Pete covers some more profile page changes, and Mike makes an appearance to ask for some mods’ to the fight module.

  • Oh, please, please, please, please make a configurable fight module mod. I personally would go back to manual fighting with a streamlined module. The current zynga module pushed me away from manual fighting.

  • Hi guys.
    Always nice to be mentioned in this Show. LOL
    I just wanted to remind Pete about the original Idea of a Bookmark, named after me: – “The Mafiagod”
    It was supposed to be somekind of Multi-Purpose BM, that kind of would make a big difference in the total Game-Perspective.
    – However: – Since I never managed to get a good idea around this BM, it still has not been suggested.
    But I like the name: – “Mafiagod”
    (I had a group before that was called “Mafiagod” It`s main purpose was: Write a prayer to Mafiagod, asking for loot and you might receive it. – Many did! In those days, as a friend to a big player, I was able to provide the loot asked for, in the most cases. – So that group is kind of the origin to the future BM-Name “Mafiagod”

  • Listened to the show last week and forgot to comment. I enjoyed hearing about MWG. I did not know the things discussed. Thank you to Laurie for sharing. I think its nice how different groups keep the game interesting for themselves and have competitions. I know sometimes when Zynga is frustrating me, little goals I set for myself is what keeps me playing and interested.

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