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Episode 197: Rising Through The Ranks

The crew is back and loaded with new information and game information. There is a second round of the Ice Board Event, Jen shares a trick to rise to the top of the Mafia Leaderboard quickly. Yes, its true, there is a cross promotion coming with Farmville 2. The Spockholm toolbar gets a couple of new features and a fix for a long standing issue. Mike Nester rises from the ranks of [MIG] and is now the GF, and has the tattoo to show his dedication. The VIP was offered for free to some players on a trial basis, upsetting existing paying customers.

  • but the bunny is so damn cute…I will probably do it once it actually shows up as a cross promo

  • The VIP promotion is brilliant. I’ve been playing for a little over a year, joined the free VIP on Saturday. I’ve raised my family attack and defense about 35k each, received 50 free rp and have just about maxed on current VIP loot. Although I noticed a new loot item was released today. Once maxed on it, I’ll cancel it. All they need to do is allow this trial every three months and I’m set!
    Golden Dart Frog (A:123 D:198) (have: 1) +1
    Platypus (A:98 D:144) (have: 482) +482
    Cut-Proof Suit (A:144 D:98) (have: 441) +440
    Chisel Plough (A:99 D:145) (have: 492) +492
    Retro Bus (A:145 D:98) (have: 510) +510
    Milkman (A:146 D:98) (have: 479) +479
    Clawbot (A:99 D:146) (have: 519) +519

  • Great show. I love it when you all just talk and laugh and have fun. The stuff about FV2 cracked me up. I never blocked the game so I do see Jen’s requests pop up lol. I still don’t want to play it but I will. I just can’t help myself. I have to finish stuff and sometimes a challenge is fun. I did at 1 point play FV so will see what the difference is.

    So, the idea of FB just banning people is scary. It is something I do worry about. All the time and unfortunately, money, I have put into this game and FB can, at any time, just take it away and you have no recourse. It is especially a worry when you have a gaming name like I do. Which I did not know was against the rules when I created my account and later started playing. It is also a worry every time I open up a mini. They can ban either my minis or main name if they wanted.

    Congrats to Mike. Again, great show.Thank you all for the podcasts. I really enjoy them.

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