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Episode 198: The Downer Show…Well For A Little While…

After a break, the gang is back to discussing the same old issues. It often feels like every show is identical and Zynga won’t change. Questions arise as to what is the point of continuing. If you have the Spockholm Toolbar, Pete explains why it’s raining Precious Gems. Jana reaches a milestone and Jen goes over all of the events recently added to the game and spills the beans on the name of the next Limited Time Property. Pete has about had it with the Bandits and goes on a mini tirade. Jen supplies another one in regards to all the loading issues.

  • I too only do the properties to level 11. I don’t do any of the missions cause they take way to long to do. I have been in MW for 3 years and only stay like most because of the social part in my family. I wish they could revamp the old stuff. Id rather have the old cities reopened than to redo the properties over and over. Increase the robbing mastery to level 20 and give better loot.. We dont do boss cause the loot sucks.. Battle loot is all useless for the VIP player. Why dont zynga just hire SPOCK to do the clean up in MW and fix more broken crap. DUMP operations, Trader GOH , victory coins , ETC .. MAYBE open a secret district with AWESOME ratios like 3.0 as a gift. Something that would be like a reward for playing this BROKEN game and putting up with the glitches. Just MY 2 cents .. LOL

  • Great show. I honestly don’t think Zynga will ever change so we either have to accept that or move on. They have really shady business practices and the management seems incapable of thinking things through. To really work, the developers and management would have to work together and player feedback would have to be considered, acknowledged and implemented and I don’t think this will happen. Although when it comes to Zynga I am a pessimist. I left the game (and FB) for 6 months before and have thought about stopping playing completely. As long as I am here though, I do have to complete everything and make little goals for myself. Sometimes the only thing that keeps me playing is the people I have met. I don’t mind Pete’s tirades. The bandits on that job in the SD are so annoying.

    I don’t know who needs to fix the game loading issue but that is frustrating. Although equally frustrating for me is the broken ZMC my mini has and the really stupid suggestions I get from Zynga CS. If players could really get help when they needed it, I think more would stay.

    I am all for them listening to those of you on PAC. I’d vote for you. 🙂

  • my tmc has beenbroken 4 over a week-support just thanks me 4 my patience-meanwhile i dont even have the 1st level dun in the men at work deall-and only got enough robbing hooks 2 rob 2 boards-thx z=u r right they dont care and they r lucky that so many of us stay because of the social side-why duz it make such sense 2 ev1 but them 2 fix “known probs” b4 cranky out more new crap that peeps hate?????

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