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Episode 199: Not A Nator

As the gangs gathers to close in on the magical 200th episode. They share a short show for those attention challenged. We have it all, well maybe not all but a little of everything. Here are the highlights:

  • Burn button added to toolbar
  • Remove post Spocklet by Eike
  • Click-trap remover broke from FB fix
  • Gift mastery event
  • Last week of family boss
  • ZMC talk
  • Jen still playing FV2, LOL

So thanks for listening. We appreciate any feedback on ways to improve the show. We strive to make it more meaningful to you the listeners. So shoot us a message.


  • More cool stuff from Spockholm… you guys do rock, keep the awesomeness coming.
    A new feature in one of the scripts?… hmmm, I wonder what it could be. 🙂

    You know there’s a reason why she’s called Queenbrat… cuz she’s the Queen of Brats. 😛

  • Just curious what does “streamline fight module” in the toolbar do?

    • It is a work in progress. Pistol Pete has had some thoughts on how to slim down the fight module. Making it leaner and meaner. Just need to get them implemented. For now it just hides the loot collected, which does seem to help a little with fight speed.

  • Aww thanks so much for the shout outs. The new Spockholm stuff is great. The burn button is my favorite thing. I would love an option to have the bandit taken out or not. This script stuff baffles me. I am really kinda script challenged. When I can’t get 1 to work it is generally something very simple I just did not understand. The chances of me finding what the new feature is are therefore slim to none. lol

    I love the shows however you do them. My personal favorite is when you all just talk about the game issues and history. Especially when you talk about how things used to be compared with now and what could be done better.

    Anyway, thanks again and thanks for doing these shows You entertain me twice a week and I appreciate it.

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