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Episode 201: I Want My Toolbar Now…

It’s just Pete and Jen on the Mic and the Mike is in the Hopper. There are lots of things going on in Mafia Wars and Facebook. In addition to all the usual copy/paste events (present and coming soon) and a productive Team Spockholm, there are a few surprises. Trippy Trailers, Silver Elephants, PM3Craft, Fake Account Purges, Social Support, Beg-o-Meters and much more. Then Jen goes into Veronica Salt (from Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory) mode, regarding her lose of the Toolbar.  It will all make sense once you listen!

  • rest in peace mafia players

  • mafia cemetary

  • I had my toolbar and lost it, but then my computer was slowing down so I removed it, but now I want it back lmao….where is it now?

  • P.S. I want the Elephant but he is to expensive lol

  • Its funny how much we rely on our scripts and when they don't work or go missing, I start to panic. Although it really has me thinking lately why do I keep playing a game where I mostly play by scripts now. But Team Spockholm has created a lot of very useful scripts and do a great job.

    I still worry about the FB account purges. I also wonder why I play games and spend money on a platform where FB can cancel my account at any time they want.


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