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Episode 203: Cough Medicine Episode

Many are not getting RP for completing the ads in MW, causing some serious frustration. Couple of new thing from Team Spockholm, the copy ice feature in the streamline fighting in TB, there is also the lucky stash spocklet, and a nice revision to the 501 spocklet too. Pistol Pete shares an experience with True Unframing via a GM script called Reframe Preventor.  We also manage to get distracted a bit about the recent revamping of MySpace. As far as new game things, coming or already here. We have New Mission, VIP loot, SD coming soon, Cyber MB coming soon,and the 3rd ice event started. Leif a member of Spock and long time MW player calls the rant line and leaves a nice message about how bragging is an imporant part of the game. On a personal note, Pistol Pete makes it into the MWG top 25, and is on a mission for the level cap.  One level at a time.

  • Congrats to Pete. Also,the new format of the podcast page is nice btw.

    I don't post the bragging stuff often but that's a personal choice. Nothing wrong with it though and I prefer that by far to seeing everyones opinions on the election. When you think about it, a lot of FB is about bragging and sharing what you are doing.

    I agree that Zynga is doing shady things with the rp ads but they have been shady for a long time so why people are surprised by that, I dunno.

    I personally like secret districts on my account but I keep thinking about lower level players and how hard it must be for them. I mean the energy for the last 2 levels may be all the energy a lower level has in just 1 or 2 clicks. Zynga doesn't care obviously. Many players don't care because they are long past the new or low level player days. Why I care I don't know, but it bugs me. 

    I like it when you are silly. I mean I frequently am personally but I think it's fun and entertaining. I forgot to add on a previous show when you played the Oscar Meyer wiener song it cracked me up but I have been singing it in my head (or out loud) ever since so thanks for that. lol

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