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Episode 204: Crew Still On The Mend Skype Virus Unrelated

The crew is on the mend, however a Skype Virus is traversing the Internet so make sure you do not open unknown links from trusted contacts.  The new Secret District has hit the game and the gnay discusses ratio's and some strategy.  Jenn notices the drop rate on Victory Coins has deminished and wonders if it is a sign of things to come. Will Zynga offer a halloween event this year, to keep us engaged in a little fun for a change. Something nice and simple and we walk away with some good loot, maybe even an Achievement. 

Pistol Pete crossed the 20k levels and 12.5 million fight wins to get a MwG plaque. If you are level 1000 or above you should really consider membership it is free. The MwG does a great job of reconginizing game achievments. Kudos to them. Keep up the good work

The Lucky Stash items banner for loot refresh has been showing for some. However, the game is not dropping any new loot. Zynga'd again. 

Pistol Pistol rants about the cost of in-game loot and re-tells a story of his sons iTunes shopping spree. 

Thanks for listening……That's a wrap…

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