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Episode 205: Recording In A Tin Can

Apologizes in advance for the sound. We tried something new while capturing our audio and it did not fair well for Pistol Pete's sound.  Spock boys in the back room have been dreaming up some cool new features. These include toolbar features like Job Dropdown, Home page module control, and Highlight best unmasterd job. We have a ew Checklist Item for Robbign Spree also, then Pistol Pete leaks a new war gorup spocklet in testing. The crew like the release of one tier at a time of war loot. We have a call from Charles talking about his goals. VIP billing was a nightmare this month with some people being charged as much as 5 times for the subscription. We have some new stuff coming on the horizon, including Zombies Crafters Choice, Marketplace Sports, 7 Day Deal, Grease and Glory gifting event, and Car Wash Property to name a few. Speaking of Properties Pistol Pete upgrades his Trippy Trailer to level 15, take cover, stock the food and water, the end is probably near. 🙂 As if SPAM was not bad enough it has now gotten Bigger. TWSS The graphics are enormous.

  • Facebook credits are not an option as a form of payment for VIP

    • Thanks for letting us know. That is crappy it is not.


  • "We are All DOOMED…" lol :d



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