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Episode 206: What Is a True Cheat?

Pete, Jana and Jen are more excited about the premiere of the Walking Dead than they are about Mafia Wars. Fortunately they got back on track and discussed the happenings in Spockholm and Mafia Wars. Talk soon moved to scandalous cheating in FarmVille2. Is it ok to cheat if it’s not Mafia Wars?

  • I didn't know what NaN meant either lol. 

    The pay to play secret districts have always irritated me. Some players didn't get to do it the first time and they have to pay which to me, isn't right.  I just personally don't think they should charge them for it. I at least got to do it for free the first time. I think its cheap they charge for it at all but at least let the players who didn't get to do it the first time do it for free once.

    The FV2 thing is cheating. I mean it isn't a glitch like some MW things its full out cheating. Nevertheless I did it anyway and do not regret it. I really hate cheating.  However, I played FV2 for over 2 weeks straight and only got to level 10 and thats not including the time I played before the cross promo came out. I really resent that they had MW players get to level 20 and other games only to level 3. I resent that they think we have unlimited time and will to do this stuff. So in this case, by doing this, I am taking a stand and saying screw you to Zynga. If they do take away the loot or roll back my FV game, who cares. 



  • Little late, but I still have an opinion about the fv2 cheat  that I wanna share.

    When I read about it on the MWLL page, I didn't even have to think about it, if I'm doing it or not. I knew right away that I wouldn't do it. Not because of the cheating. The game is stupid (I did like the cute animals though, but that was about it). I started 10 days before it was even the cross promotion and only got to level 9 in those 10 days.

    The problem I have with this cheat and had before in other games is not the cheating, it's the thing that Zynga upped it from level 12 to 20 cause too many people could reach it (in my opinion). Maybe even way before the time to do that ended. So they made it harder and you had to spend more time. And when people get with this cheat to level 20 in no time, it might end up with Zynga making it even harder for the next cross promotion. They might just run a script that tells them outta xxx players 90 % or whatever got the ruby rabbit. It doesn't say how they got it, just that it is in the inventory. So next time we might see that we have to get to level 30 or even higher.

    Not that I judge anyone who did this, but I rather pass on some loot item that becomes inactive in a few months anyway and I can get the next cross promotion item without having to play 24/7 than cheat and having the cheat that worked for one game and not for the next one backfire.

    Great show πŸ™‚

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