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Episode 207: Loot Loot Everywhere, And Not A RP To Spare

Baseballs are in the air but that’s not going to stop Mafia Wars. Zynga cures Jennifer’s Lucky Stash addiction and Team Spockholm prevents accidental reward point purchases and the gang offers sound advice to not be overcharged for the VIP Membership Program. Will Zynga need to find new revenue streams? Sneaky Pete makes it easier to attack families and Martin is looking into making robbing faster. There is new Zombie, Fight and Level Up loot to keep us all busy.

  • The new audio is very HOLLOW . There was nothing wrong with the old audio . 


    • I want to add more listener feeback.  I also want the crew to hear those in real time. So I changed around the recording tools a little I will find the right balance again.  I do know exactly what you are talking about. I will get us back to normal. Thanks for the feedback.


  • So I am from St Louis and rooting for the Cardinals of course. Not really looking great right now for us though. I got my hubby tickets last year for a World Series game and went to my first ever World Series game.

    Sound wise it is that tin can effect but I thought sounded a bit better this time.

    I love the option to keep from spending rps on accident. I would love it if you could also make it so I can't accidentally click on that collect all button on my home page and collect from all properties when I'd never do that intentionally. A fairly useless button by Zynga imo.

    And for the lucky stash "event" I think its odd I spun it every day and never won anything. I got my useless double loot at the end but never won rps. 5 spins a day and no wins means they rigged it even more than it already was.


  • Anyone else find Jennifer's voice likes nails on a chalkboard?
    Wow, not a voice for radio lady, maybe tune it down a little.

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