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Episode 208: Financial Advice To Intellectual Property Infringement

It’s just Pete and Jen and they get into a lengthy conversation about Customer Support, VIP payments and Facebook Game Cards. The ranting continues as Pete shares his feelings on the pirating of intellectual properties. We have also gotten several new things, like a Crafter Choice stats change on the items, a new Gifting event, and the big news there are new districts for London are on the way. Jenn's nemesis The Luck Stash has been removed from the game at this point. The excitement is in the air!

  • The sound was good today. πŸ™‚

    So about support. Some have had good support experiences and others bad. If you have had bad support experiences, over time, is it not fair that you feel negatively towards them? In general though, a persons experience is just that, their own experience which then influences how they feel about something and can't really be criticized. The longer you play and the more bad experiences you have influences how you feel too. You may continue to do business with that company as in the case of Pete's story but you prob won't forget if you were treated badly or had a really awful, frustrating time. I think everyone is entitled to their own feelings based on what they have seen. All are valid. If you had good experiences only with support then great. My personal experiences have not been good with MW support. For other Zynga games the support is far better so that has always puzzled me. Yes, support is nice and they are polite, so that is a plus. If I go to support it is because something is broken, I want a bug fixed, or I didn't get an item I should get. I never want rps or loot. Although I really don't think anyone goes to support anymore for loot since what they give you is useless. But ineffective support is an issue. I don't want to hear from the same script that does not address my issue or be told to clear my cache. If they can't fix it, just refer it to the people who will fix it, but really refer it on to a higher level. My main issue is that often, I have to go back 5 times or more before it gets referred on. I mean no one likes to be lied to or blown off. Most of the time I know that agent can't fix my bug so simply do what needs to be done so higher support sees it asap. If people do an event and don't get the loot item just give it with no argument. Like I said, in other Zynga games none of this happens. MW support at 1 time was better and just like the game could be better again, but they have some work to do. 


  • I truly appreciate how much the spock tools enhance the MW game experience, thank you.

  • Hats off to the Spock team for making life easier when playing this game. it boggles my mind that anyone would pay a fee for a toolbar that is less effective than what the spock toolbar does but to each his own. Sad thing is you know people are getting desperate when they have to rip off from your opensource coding to try and turn a buck. Look at it this way as well, imitation is the greatest form of flattery. 

    Dont think i would enjoy this game nearly as much without that  Spockholm Toolbar sitting at the top and its great enhancements to the MW interface. You guys are a group of mad scientists! Thanks for all having the podcast as well, it helps to keep up with all the myriad changes and often times gives great insight into strategy and maximizing your dollar and in game resources!

  • WOHHOOOOO  I was mentioned on this episode , BOWS TY ,,  
    PS the audio is 100% better now , 

    I listen to the podcast every week and you guys are great. I get a laugh every episode. Keep up the good work.  

  • Those kinds of policies concerning gift cards (requiring CC) should be turned over to the local and state Attourney General – more the FB & B&N ones than the Zynga-branded card.

    As for E-books, consider reading (and buying) SF/Fantasy books from Baen. Their books are DRM-free, can be got directly from the publisher for $6 or less (they have a library of 250 or so books for free from their Free Library, and have 1-2 Hardbacks a year with many more ebooks on CD, and you're ENCOURAGED to copy the CD to share), and they have most e-reader formats supported (and even RTF for those of us that like reading books on our computers). They even have pre-reader copies (E-ARCs) of some upcoming books for $15 if you really can't wait for the next book in a series to be edited.

    If only other publishers would follow their lead.

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