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Episode 210: When Are They Going To Listen, Event Fatigue Will Kill This Game

Well there is speculation with the Raven hiding and showing he might have gotten Jana this episode. Nah, she is will family enjoying a Spooktaculuar evening. So Pete and Jenn get to discuss once again the information overload or event fatigue whichever you would like to call it. So lets cover all the new and already here activities.  We have a Werewolf event coming, will it be like last years event, the iceboard event is returning for another round, Gold Treasure Chest loot updated, we have a bugged new Secret District, Raven is here and stupid as ever, Robbing spree, and Skate or Die Limited Time Mission with requirement differences. OMG people are flipping out over the Pink Toolbar (PTB). I do not get it. We do take a few moments to answer some fan emails too.

  • The irony in this Pink Tool-bar Story is, that people don't like the tool-bar because it "helps" breast cancer research. No. They like it, because it is a way to "help" and "support" without doing nothing. – Yes: – People always like when it costs nothing. – I don't. I prefer helping for real instead, I don't think that people with food poisoning dies happier, just because I post a dead fish on my wall. But many might post it and think that they are the heroes of the day. – Slacktivism!

    • Jævli du gneldrer om den toolbaren din..Uninstall it..Problem solved!

  • I dont like "supporting" any cause Petes way. If he wants to wake awareness without Money or action: – Please dont involve me.

    That is not the way to do it, Mr Big Brother.

  • And: This has not for one second had anything to do with My PTB. It is all about calling a fake for awareness tool.


  • Anything that reminds people it is breast cancer awareness month is a good thing. The entire point of the month is to raise awareness after all. If just 1 woman remembers now and does a breast self exam or goes and gets that mammogram they need and reminds 1 other person etc. it is a positive. For myself and other women with breast cancer in their family, that color and this month IS a reminder of how important this is and how deadly it can be. That alone is enough. At the same time, a new color is fun.

    That mission gradient is good in theory but in practice, it needs work. My account and my mini both had to do more on some tasks than Jen did on her post. My mafia is smaller, stamina and level lower,etc on both accounts. But on my mini, something was just wrong there that they have her doing too much. In no way is she strong I mean it's a mini. She has very limited stamina and mafia. She has limited everything. On my main name, yeah I was a bit annoyed I had to do the maximum on every task so far, but I can at least do it. I think this is a good idea but was not implemented in any kind of way that has made sense, at least not from what I have seen.

    Overall, too many things going on and I don't like it. This is a game and should not be a full time job.


  • Should Zynga cater the game to a level 200 or 2000? there are some individuals who feel there is too much to do, while others feel the opposite. what made people think that they are required to do every aspect of the game? Simple logic easily shows the error in that train of thought. Do people honestly believe that if they are not able to do everything they will become cannon fodder? Just a few things to chew on

    • I think most of the high level players never really complain about enough to do. If high level players currently feel overwelhmed think of wait the low level player must be facing. I also think most high level players find enough to do without being told what needs to be done.

  • Complaining about a pink tool bar, Seriously?

  • The raven was a bad idea a year ago and it apears nothing has changed. 

  • Screening is overrated. Actually more patients die after screening, than what they do among patients that did not do the screening. It only gives a false security.

    But this was not about that: – This was about the fact that doing nothing doesnt help. Putting out a pink toolbar in one single game is DOING NOTHING.

  • Yep. – Seriously.


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