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Episode 211: Players Flee, Event Fatigue Continues To Be A Problem

On the heels of halloween the crew delves right into the Halloween candy talk. Werewolf event is in full effect, concerns it only favors the script users.  Then there is  heated discussion around the Pink Toolbar, and script thief begins.  Jenn gets skunked by a Zynga trick on imaging naming. There is clearly another round of game fatigue running through players, and we are beginning to see another exodus of players. This compounded with annoyances like the arena screen that consumes the screen even when there is nothing to do on that screen. With the return of the Raven Jenn spends some time explaining some strategies to help people get through the challenges. Some players are confronted with a lose of progression due to a zynga server outages. There is no discussed resolution in the works as of yet, although Zynga support acknolwledges the issues. Then we get it with yet another cross promotion cityville2 what I like to call the fall of zynga. Who knows. it is just a sucky bobblehead game.

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