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Episode 212: The Arena – 5 Guys + 5 Clicks= 25 New Click Monkeys

Not your typical show. Fortunately there has been an event reprieve. I think we were all about to go nuts. The crew does spend some time discussing the possible future of Vegas, the pro’s and con’s of removing it and other cities. There is a good bit of debate over converting older destinations like Cuba, Moscow, and others to share the same destination layout, with the potential for a Stamina button option on all jobs. Giving players the most flexibility. As we get closer to the find image being displayed for the Arena, what does it mean. Jenn covers the potentially upcoming CV2 cross promotion and the glitching (grinching, if you speak Chesterese) that is possible. Treasure Isle and FishVille the two games slated to find there way to the virtual incinerator. If you still had the games active you might be eligible for compensation, although no one knows what yet. The server crash left many struggling to play catch up. Some were compensate with RP, but others feel it was not a reasonable compensation. Then VIP members have something to look forward to, VIP Gold. Supposedly, it come with 5 extra days to complete the properties. We will keep you posted.

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