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Episode 213: Other Zynga Games Closing…Including Vampire Wars…Making People Nervous

Elections are over in the US but does not stop the conversation from bleeding over into the show a bit. With Mike and Eike in Vegas, Jenn talks about getting to meet them both and how vertically challenged she was in comparison to them both. With the 101st use for MW Swag explained by Jenn, this lead to some conversation about maybe resurrecting Meet and Greets. Other Game Closing announced including Vampire Wars, which has players concerned about MW in the future, we often thought the game would survive with no new development for a couple years when it is announced. However, it could happen as fast as month like Vampire Wars. Not a good decision, or confidence builder. With the Daylight saving changes a 1 hour glitch appeared affecting Goodie Bags and Power Cards. There were also some mess ups with the Gold level features not releasing on time, causing player angst. The Raven Boost Pack was released and Jenn recommends an option to acquire the Rain Of Pain Consumable separately.

The Informant Podcast is going to change the format a little. With many family obligations and other obstactles. We are going to go to one show for a while. The show with release on Monday's at 5pm. If any major game changes occur that warrant immediate discussion we will run "Special Report" episodes. So we are keeping everyone informed to the best of our abilities. Podcast news of one show a week – possible special shows

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