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Episode 215: The Arena – Don’t Get No Respect!!

The main conversation revolves around the Arena.  Lots to talk about, we have likes, we have dislikes, and we have strategy. So tune in and hopefully you will learn something.

  • My checklist doesn't work unless I change the screen size too. 


  • The little closing thing about where we can find you played with 20 minutes left instead of at the end.

    The whole discussion about the Arena will probably make more sense to me when I get it. But from comments I have read it seems like Zynga once agan did not consider lower level players who may not have much stamina and health. I don't know why they couldn't segregate the Arena more so that the lower levels wont get bashed and get frustrated and leave. Let all those high level players play people of their own level and resources.

    I get so tired of being told to just get use to Timeline. I fully realize some things don't work as well with Timeline remover. I also fully understand how Timelne works and know how to use it. I do not wish to use it because the format really hurts and strains my eyes and gives me terrible headaches. That is why I will not use it. If forced to use it I will simply walk away. So being told over and over   by some to just use it when they do not consider that some have health issues that make it not possible is a bit condescending. Everyone has their own reasons so don't just assume you know what they are.

    I listen to all the podcasts still, I just don't always comment now. I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and know you are appreciated.

    • Oh, I agree on the timeline remover comments, I use it too and will never use timeline in it's current state, not for MW or any other games.
      When people like Jennifer never visit other people's profiles to help them back after they help her, she doesn't realize how difficult it is to find some of the gaming posts. For those of us that do that, the timeline remover is invaluable.
      Not trying to look a gifthorse in the mouth, the toolbar is invaluable and free and is more than appreciated for those of us that know the amount of work it takes to create and maintain it but Is it really so much to ask that some scripts be debugged around the timeline remover just like they are around MW, FB, and other scripts too?
      More people use timeline remover than even play MW or use the Spockholm Toolbar combined.
      Just for the record though, I have never had a problem with a script where the timeline remover was the fault, and rarely have problems with them at all.

  • I enjoy listening to the podcast and u guys all do a great job. Jen's blog also is a must read for me when it comes to all things Mafia Wars. I did want to chime in on a couple things mentioned on the podcast… the question came up on why use the arena and the only real answer was that it's a fast way to burn thru heavy amounts of stamina quickly. To me that's not good enough. Since I'm a VIP member, pretty much all the loot is worthless to me. Add that to the terrible experience ratio and the arena is a thumbs down in my opinion. Hopefully since it's in beta, Zynga will come to their senses and address these issues. Although past history doesn't leave me very optimistic.

    I also wanted to say that I do use a timeline remover and I swear by it. I've not had any problems with it intefering with any Spockholm scripts or the toolbar. If I had to play mafia using only FB timeline as my interface, not only would I quit mafia, I would quit FB and delete my account. I hate it that much LOL

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