Informant Podcast: Where Family is First!

Episode 220: Losing Interest

After a 2 week break the gang is back to let out all of their rants. The Arena is driving players crazy and is the main focus of the show. Mafia Wars can interfere with real life and Pistol Pete ends up in the dog house. Discussions turn to a shrinking player base and it’s impact on the fight list as well as some up and coming Spocklets.

  • I am one of the admins of a friendly social oriented family. We have no requirements for famdamnily chores. Our groups focus on the people instead of all game stuff. We have had many people who were ready to quit who came to join us and found out that we encourage just having fun in our groups and letting the game be a secondary focus. Our family progression is 51% on level 9. If you need a family that is not strictly about the game, that has zero drama and is about as laid back as it gets, feel free to contact me any time: (aka: Alissandra Biesh)

    • Thanks for sharing this info. It is good to know there are some families with no requirements.

  • My family too is just a friendly  family with no requirements. It is very hard to grow a family, and with the ever shrinking player base it is even harder. I truly wish Zynga would think about smaller familes when they have events and family requirements. 

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