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Episode 221: Dwindling Player Base Causes More Drama

Pete and Jen are without Jana but manage to get by. The dwindling player base has created unnecessary drama as many players believe they are targets when in realty they are just showing up on the fight list more frequently. There are a few more useful Spocklets and many useless Events. Jen discusses changes in the Arena and why this feature has been ignored by the majority and has become the playground for the power accounts.

  • I hope Jana feels better. So 2 things I think worth mentioning, well 3. I have a mini I wasn't really using but my family needed extra buffs for the family boss fight so I thought ok I will get this mini to level 25 so she can be in the family and give buffs. The bandits for a new player are just nuts! She has to start out in Chicago and gets so many bandits she can't play. How on earth would a new player keep up with that, they need mafia and how frustrating for a new player. Also you can join a family at level 25 but because you have no mission bar you can't collect any fam xp you get. This is where a spock tool came in quite handy, I just used it to collect any fam xp I wanted. So it just shows that scripts are an essential part of the game and why should a level 25 player miss out on collecting fam xp for 25 levels, it is nuts. You say the bosses on the fight page are not used but the majority of the time the bosses are the only live targets on the fight list so if a baby player wants to fight they have no choice but to fight the bosses and mostly lose. Ok last thing, it is completely unfair imo that low levels have a terrible xp ratio for fighting. This particular mini gets a .63 ratio for fights. If you add all of this up, why would a new player ever stay and play.I think that was actually 4 things I mentioned but anyway.

    I don't go to the Arena anymore for the most part. It was ok but I don't like having to play against people with way higher respect than me and for the most part they are all rated as hard now and a few normal. I get killed instantly regardless though and that never happened before. Really not sure how I can be instantly dead if they don't use a kamikaze.My family is ignoring this Arena event since most of us don't play it.

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