Informant Podcast: Where Family is First!

Episode 222: Time For A Different Strategy

As usual Arena talk including different strategies being used to master the family event.

The Informant Podcast Crew and players would really like for Zynga to do three simple things. 1. Stop (insert expletive here)ing with the game, FIX IT. 2. Stop trying to (insert expletive here)ing control us. 3. Stop (insert expletive here)ing overwhelming us with (insert expletive here) to do.

  • Ain't Nobody Got Time Fo Dat!!!

  • I have struggled with the same things for a long time now. I do not enjy playing the game anymore. Most aspects of the game I now do by scripts. But actually quitting for good  is hard. I haven't been able to do it and the main reason is I can't just abandon my family. And I know I should cancel my VIP because I really think that makes me enjoy the game even less. It is just hard, I too am trying to decide what to do next, what game to play next and maybe when I do I will leave, who knows.

    As far as the Arena event my family won't even make the bronze level. I don't play in the Arena and do not expect anyone else to do it either. The goals were very unrealistic of Zynga for a small family. As far as having enough minis to go in and play with a script non stop, I ask myself why? It is just a loot item.

    I think when it comes to achievements or this game in general you  really need a who cares attitude. I do not really care if I ever get some of the achievements for the Arena and like Jana I never did the Whats  After a Trillion achievements in NY. There was a time when I did care but those days are long past.


    • We need a “mass exodus” from the game. Every single person on FB needs to quit playing for at least a week. VIP people, cancel your subscription. Hit ’em where it hurts, in their greedy little purses. Period.

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