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Episode 223: The Fallen

Once again long time players are leaving the game. We say goodbye to The Swede and Alan Potter to name a couple. Like all before, you will be missed.

We struggle to grasp what is the Zynga motivation. If it is truly greed. There would have been better ways to get more money from a lot of people. Who knows.

Some housekeeping notes. We are going to start recording on Thursday and posting shows Saturday at noon. This will allow a little more time for editing and will alleviate some upcoming scheduling conflicts.

  • Thanks for the shout out Jana. 🙂

    I really have no opinion on the change to Saturday. I look forward to listening every week and will listen no matter what day you are on. Only difference is on Saturdays my husband is home and if I listen on Saturdays he will say what are you listening to lol.

    I didn't know the Swede but had heard of him of course. I am saddened by his depature though. Well known players leaving as well as the declining numbers of players is a bad sign. I wish I could walk away. If he could walk away after all the time and money he spent on the game maybe I could to.

    I really wish Zynga could see that events like the Family Inheritence event leave a lot of players and families out of the fun. I take nothing away from the families who did well and congratulate them. However, I wish Zynga would consider events all families could do, and not just the large ones. I think the way Zynga caters to large families and also strong, heavy spending players, alienates a lot of people. There is really no reason to come play a game when you feel left out of the mix.


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