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Episode 224: Giving Up On Perfection

With Super Bowl Weekend upon us we could not help chatting about it for a bit. Which lead into interesting conversation about Sports Books, and the potential for a MW Book for the IceBoard Event.  It was a nice turn of events to have something extremely positive to say about the Arena, no losing respect is a SUPER change. Charles calls our comment line and shares his thoughts on the use of bandits in the new Secret District. The crew was really excited to see the nice ratios too.  Zynga did a couple of Loot updates, that has people excited. These updates affect the Daily Take, and VIP Fight Loot. Power Card request button was moved to the Family Tab in the Home Module just above Stamina and Energy Packs.  Nice change Zynga kudos.

On the Spocklet side a couple of items were updated. Robber BG to highlight Boss and Raven Loot again after unnecessary Zynga change. Spartacus on backup will now collect level-up bonuses for those using it as a level-up tool.

Just a reminder shows will now post on Saturday’s at Noon CST.

  • Regarding bandits, on my main account I have no bandits on that first job in SD’s. But on my 2 minis they get bandits on the first job all the time. So it seems to me that only older accounts don’t have bandits on the first job and newer accounts get them on any job but that is just my theory. But regarding bandits in general and not SD specific, when Zynga starts a new player out in Chicago and they get a ton of bandits, do they not realize how hard that is? New players may not have a ton of mafia yet. But also most players started out in NY and did not have to deal with bandits. Starting new players out in Chicago has so many issues and I have heard you talk about some of them, I just don’t understand why Zynga did it.

    I also wanted to mention 1 more very annoying thing. I have been building a mini recently and so when that last mission came out, she wasn’t a high level or anything, under level 200 at the time. Some job districts she has not reached and in order to do a job for a mission she would first have to reach that district. I think that is completely stupid. Also the mission required robbing certain properties that were always hard rated and she lost every time and thus could not move on from that point. I tried it for days on end to see if she could rob those properties and win but a hard rob she could never win. Support was oh so helpful and gave her a non active loot item.

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