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Episode 226: Fake Ices Causing Some Confusion

We are knee deep in the ice season which is a great opportunity to gain some of the new fight loot and tally some arena fake ices. Fake Ices, those achieved through the arena have become a problem for long time players. Since now, Zynga merged them with Regular Fighting Ices. This has caused some Fighters to get pretty mad, now they are being bypassed by arena fighters in ice count. Without truly having to kill or drop another players health below 20.  The Italy operations are over, many players are asking what is next and will it have similar good ratio Operations again.  Richie’s Stash has finished and Pete explains how he blew the event this time. Maybe others will learn from his “non reading” mistake. There was some discussion of the importance of new players starting in NY and suggestions made on new destinations for something similar to the golden throne. There are two new spocklets to discuss. The Job Helper, which scans your active cities job tiers and tells you the best jobs for the entire destination. The other is for those that want to serial level and have no idea what it would take to set their ratio at the right level. So to the rescue is the ratio-a-nator. We got some updates. Warlord 22 is here and we can soon expect another Limited Time Property, Secret District, and who knows what else. But expect it.

  • I was building up a mini recently and saw that you can join a family at level 25 and not collect any family xp until level 50. So I just used the spocklet for collecting family xp and collected it anyway. It didn’t take that long to get to level 50 but it is really stupid of Zynga to do it this way and also just shows that scripts are necessary.

  • My question is simple. Do you feel the amount of money you have spent on this game is genuinely worth it? I have roughly 8k in both stamina and energy and I am tired of clicking after spending all that, using my bonuses. I have no desire to purchase either energy or stamina packs. I have had no problem completing any event with my current resources. I don’t begrudge anyone for spending money, I just don’t see how it improves a gaming experience, at least for me


    This link explains the situation with the new virus pop up

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