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Episode 227: Why Scripts?? Let Us Enlighten You.

Pete, Jennifer and Jana discuss the trials and tribulations of playing Mafia Wars. From bugs, rumors and MIA support it becomes a challenge to ease through it all. The community sponsored Battle Tournament is underway and is going smoothly despite the roadblocks of the game. Exciting news from the Mafia Wars Team promises a new destination, Arenas and Operations. Pete delves into the Spockholm philosophy of using scripts responsibly and what they mean to the game. A special farewell to the families who have tragically lost one of their own touches on a forgotten aspect of social gaming.

  • do jennifer have down syndrome?
    i ask many time but no one answer.
    she look like down syndrome.

    • No. Why does it matter.

  • I don’t have a problem with script users as long as it does not effect my game play.I don’t think that from Zynga’s stand point they really care. But as long as Facebook has a no script policy, Zynga must tow the company line, which would explain why zynga does not enforce this rule. The only script that currently seems to effect me is the ones that effect my ability to participate in wars, not for the obtaining the loot, but I just like helping my fellow mafia. But since those users are in my own mafia, I guess that is my own cross to bear.

  • Too much to do was brought up again. I think people are missing the boat on this. At times there does seem to be a lot of things going on, but better that than nothing? This gives me a choices, I do what I like and ignore the items that don’t interest me. There are no events in this game, that if I don’t do, I will turn into cannon fodder. This is a never ending game. When people reach the level threshold, zynga simply adds more. No one can win this game because however great you are, all you will ever do is simply lose slower than others

  • “The challenge from Android is a real one, and Google will slowly gain additional share in the tablet market that will allow developers to make more money from the Android platform, so Apple needs to further cultivate developer relationships and make the interaction with the company as frictionless as possible,” Van Baker, a Gartner analyst said.

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