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Episode 228: The Fix Is In

New feature Daily Fix introduced. We are waiting to see what the feedback will be on the feature. Janna has big news regarding Robbing Mastery. There is a new Charity Event with two interesting twists. One, you can use RP points which is very nice.  Secondly, there is a leader-board for contributors and the prize is an option to end up with your face in the game. Zynga has made the decision to close several offices across the US.  Spockholm releases a new spocklet called the RobbingSpree to help save some clicks when peeking and robbing in the Crime Spree. The crew also discusses the secret district bug with mastery rewards. New toolbar feature discussed, it now had the option to launch Spartacus from the dropdown under the Arena navigation. Gem collecting is optimized using the toolbar, and Property Manager 3.  Jenn fills us in on the new PowerUp in Arena, and we discussed some of the Arena changes (no fear week). We also get a little nostagic and discuss how the game was in the past, and how the game has changed for newer players.

  • I tried to contact customer support on Mar 2 and the Facebook Connect thing would not work to get logged in to my support account. FRUSTRATING!

  • I have to agree with Jana, completing level 10 was a serious let down, not even so much as a pop up. Same thing with reaching level 100 in the fight club, not even a little sparkler.

    I also agree the boss drops for the robbing item are nearly non existent. My mafia simply sends me the item needed or I do the job that drops that item at usually 90 energy per, so it is no big deal

    I, like Pete, am fed up with the slowness of fighting and the timing errors concerning the health pop ups. to the point I simply will not waste my time fighting. even if it means letting my stamina go unused. I rather do useless operations before I will fight. Don’t get me started on the joke they call robbing….

    I can’t say that Zynga is responsible for this. There are all kinds of switches, routers, isp’s between Zynga and my computer. could they do better server maintenance, probably, better allocation of profiles, probably. But to say they are totally responsible, I am not qualified to answer that

    Zynga should either write there own scripts or hire people to do it for them. The players who use rogue fighting and robbing scripts should be permanently banned.

    Using scripts is a choice, not a requirement. Just because one has what they feel is excessive amounts of stamina or energy, does not give them a pass on this rule. I am sorry but if they can’t use it up in the allotted time given or they are physically unable then there is always tomorrow. The one exception I feel should be allowed is for a person who is physically disabled, if that means my game runs a little slower, I am perfectly ok with that.

    The use of scripts is forbidden and as such, players who use them are cheating.This is not a gray area. this is not debatable. People who think this are only trying to justify their actions. I use gift Blaster, so yes I cheat, and I accept that. I am not going to make excuses for it, I will own it. Nor would I tell another player not to complain about scripts because they need a way to make themselves feel better about their current level, stats or otherwise position in the game. The view on script usage is the same, whether a newbie or old timer with regards to cheating.

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