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Episode 229: Spocklets For Lazy People

Pete ends up on a Lego hunt while Jana plays with Bacteria while we was away. The crew discusses the Ice Board and some confusion involved.  Some chat about the war going on with Spock along with some talk about joining families and how they differ. Some explanations on the new limited time mission and robbing spree spocklet that was released earlier along with some scripts that will be added to the dropdown menus for faster access. The arena finally loses its V-Day theme and the crew discusses changes with respect and ratios. Also a new secret district and crates are coming soon.

  • It is rare that I feel I can give Kudos to Zynga for much of anything they do. However adding the damage factor in I think was a real good idea. It allows player with lower amounts of stamina the ability to contribute towards their family’s icing numbers. I always felt that requiring 150 ices of a player was unrealistic and severely hampered members with lower resources.

  • I like the title of this show. I have gotten lazy but at the same time its not as much laziness as it is a combination of lack of interest in the game and a physical disability that makes me use scripts. I can’t do the endless clicking Zynga wants due to nerve damage in my hand. At the same time, sometimes, well often, the game is just so boring for me and I am just not interested. I think the robbing spree script is brilliant.

    My next comment is not game related at all but I have a bone to pick with all of you. First Pete got me hooked on Sons of Anarchy and I had to find it online and watch the entire thing and I want more. Then Jana and Jen talked about The Walking Dead so much I found that online got hooked and watched all of it. Although it is still on now, when the season ends what am I gonna do then? When I sit here having show withdrawals just know I will blame all of you, lol. But thanks for turning me on to some great shows.

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