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Episode 230: Life Is About Achievements, Shouldn’t MW Be About It Too

Goals are what keep many playing Mafia Wars and they could be the golden goose for Zynga. While many are bored with the creepy Warlord guy, Jana ventures into a new goal and gets some advice on how to reach it. Something fishy is going on in the Arena and ratios are changing. The Fence Master caters to the scanning bots and surprisingly one is recommended for strategy purposes if you so desire. As always, there are new events, coming soon events and lots going on. Operator has made it’s way back into popularity due to an Operations Event and Spartacus is getting some pretty cool updates.

  • Say no to The Arena and Yes to Mafia Wars.
    Dont let Zynga rule over our Game!
    Join The Blue Movement!
    Share The Picture!

  • You didn’t even mention all the fighting issues which is such an issue for people who like to fight and for those who want ices for their family but don’t use the Arena. It is fixed now but it was broken for almost 2 weeks and was a very big deal to a lot of players.

  • Very true, QueenBrat.
    I of course manage, but it was a living hell for minor mafiosos and all thanks to the jerks that actually accepts The Arena without thinking.
    It is not an MW-Feature: – It is an entirely different Game suitable for cellphones or X-Box. Another step towards destroying MW. – Just DONT accept it! – Refuse to play it!

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