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Episode 231: The Show About Nothing Specific

Jennifer, Janna, and Pete get together and just have a nice chat about MW, Easter, Walking Dead, and whatever else just seems to come up in conversation.   Enjoy.

  • I feel that zynga acted correctly by getting rid of the gifting. the players can complain but it was the players who took advantage of the situation and forced zynga to do what they did. The players had no integrity and ruined it for the rest of the honest players.

    Now they are doing it again, with the scripts that are grabbing up the newsfeed items. This is really pathetic. and the players who do this have really shamed their parents and are hypocrites to their children. It disgusts me that society has stooped so low. GOD help us all.

    I normally have no problem with Stockholm scripts, but when I was told that the Spartacus gives its users an unfair advantage over manual plays I was disillusioned by its designers. I would have expected better

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