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Shockers advance into Elite 8, Nester is drunk in Vegas, and Mafia Wars is egg crazy. What do all these things have to do with one another?  Tune in to find out.

  • The issues with this event that made it difficult had nothing to do with zynga’s odd starting time or even the 12 hours because of the facebook newsfeeds. What made it difficult was one’s own mafia members who where using scripts that made it nearly impossible to collect the eggs from the feeds. I don’t mind players using scripts because of medical conditions. I don’t mind scripts for fighting as those players are way above myself and we will probably never cross paths.

    The newsfeeds scripts are another story as their usage directly effect individuals like myself who are manual players

    A script file is needed because one is physically incapable or so time strapped that they can’t spend the not even 1 hour to collect not 1500 or even 150, but a mere 15 eggs for a 10 day duration. The sad part of it is that those same script users are hurting their own mafia mafia members by playing this way. Kind of narcissistic, selfish behavior when you get right down to it

  • 27th secret mission???


    Maybe this is it, considering the limitations of the programming or programers, this is the only things they can come up with? would making them harder increase my interest, not sure. I think it is time to put away childish things and go back to having a life that does not involve MW, not because it has issues but because it has become to repetitive and predictable aka BORING

  • what the game scripts and how do u find them and use them

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