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Episode 233: Master Of Mumbles Pistol Pete

Mixing up the show a little bit tonight.   We have delve into the VIP Program a little and talk about the Harbinger of Death and the crazy a** crap Zynga pulled with the option to buy additional ones. We get side tracked and talk some about Zynga Gaming, Minecraft, the level cap, and the egg event.   We spend quite a bit of time talking about direction of the game, Janna feels it as run its course is she correct?  Queen Brat asked about game etiquette, we got a little sidetracked there too becuase the game dynamics has changed so much in the interaction of players and families. Spartacus got some awesome updates. If you have not seen them yet, load Spartacus from the backup server.

  • I hated the egg event. This game was enough of a chore without having to come on and do so many things daily. I dreaded coming on and that’s not how playing a game should be at all.

    I think game etiquette is important and could be discussed in detail for a long time. What brought up this particular topic for me was that, while I am used to people periodically just leaving my family and I go looking for them only to discover they joined another family, the day I contacted Pete it happened again only this time- it was a long time friend. A friend I had played the game with since before there even were families. So I was really hurt by this. He met the same fate as all the rest, immediate removal from my friends list. It was hard and I still feel bad. I just find it highly disrespectful and rude to just leave and go to another family and not go to your old GM first and just say hey I am gonna go. That’s all they need to say and I am happy.No reasons needed. Many people say no you need to go ice them they need to show respect. Yeah they should show respect, but I remove them as a friend and I move on. That is my way. I really do hate rudeness. I wasn’t even sure when I brought this idea to Pete that I made sense because I was still upset and of course all this happened the day before my birthday.

    Bottom line is I want loyalty and respect and a few manners but more than that why can’t people remember each of us is not some MW character we are people. When someone leaves that scathing comment they are leaving it towards another human being and was it really necessary. Can’t we all just consider each others feelings and how our actions and words effect people, game or no game. I know just what some will say if they see this about not being a baby and they start making wah wah noises and other rude remarks, and I couldn’t care less.In a real Mafia I would think showing respect would be valued so why not here too? This kinda brings me right into Jana’s point about the game having run its course, and I agree, it has. The only true value left for the game is the people I play with, my family, friendships I made and want to keep and maybe a few more I have yet to make.So if the people are what’s valuable then treat each other right already. Ok enough of my soapbox.

    As to why I went to Pete for a podcast issue and don’t yack his ear off about shows, I am not sure, but I did want to say thank you and I appreciate you listening and including it in the show. I would talk to you about tv shows but I recall on 1 show you said you don’t like to talk to people that much and so I didn’t want to annoy you since you may have gathered or Jen may have told you I can talk a lot.I would be more than happy to talk about any show. 🙂

    I love talking to Jana and Jen about shows and Jen and I watch a lot of the same stuff. I forget which of you mentioned American Idol but I watch that too. I also love Revolution, Once Upon A Time, and Game of Thrones.

    I mean I can talk about MW but I am kinda bored with MW and passionate about my shows that I love. However if I ever yack at you all too much just tell me.

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