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Episode 236: Going To The Dogs

We are back at it and up to our usual antics. Apologizes in advance. Jenn’s dog is a little territorial and does not to be left alone. So she makes her presence known throughout the show. The focus this afternoon is in part about the things we like about the game and what got us to play, and what we hope they will re-introduce. Yes, we often get distracted by the weather, or other personal stuff. Well that is just who we are. Spoiler Alert: Iron Man 3, was AWESOME!!

  • I am glad you didn’t really talk about Iron Man 3 because I plan to see it next week in the Imax theater, this week we wanted to see Oblivion.

    I am glad you talked about how it seems like when there is something players seem to like Zynga takes it away because that’s what it really seems like they do.Although maybe I have just gotten cynical and jaded. At the same time I think that just because players do certain features every day, it does not mean we like them nor enjoy them. I do all features and can’t help it but there are a lot of things I could certainly do without like the properties and Zynga knows that.Also the more I do things that I don’t like or really want to do and resent that I am doing it, it makes me not want to play Zynga games again. I don’t think they will ever learn but at some point I will and I will just stop doing it or stop playing even if its hard and I haven’t been able to yet.

    You all do have good ideas as do other players and I wish they would listen.

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