Informant Podcast: Where Family is First!

Episode 241: Oh Jennifer Where Art Thou

The Family Ice Event is underway, and with the ability to gain lots of ices in the Arena. The numbers are through the roof. There is a small bug allowing some players to buy Family Progression for 0 RP. It has been difficult to identify how and why this shows for some accounts. We would be remiss if we did not talk about the Zynga layoffs. There is/was a new game layout for new players and this was riddled with bugs. So the answer was to remove it for now. Paying customers are in arms. Over the Game Card Nerf. Players are hoping it is a mistake and will be corrected. The Raven has never achievements, but nothing changes with his frequency. Dumb Idea. Now that we have to get hundreds of kills. He should appear at least once a day. Not every three. Another player has been highlighted in the game (this is very positive player engagement, keep it up zynga). Jenn vanishes a couple of times during the show. Hence the title. Also many want to know who this Jazzelle is. Jenn is also hosting a fan appreciation contest on the MWLL page. A Zynga gift card will be a prize available.

  • I don’t understand all the drama about kami accounts. First and foremost, if you are using a mini accounts or buying blackmarket accounts to build these, you are in violation of the TOS agreement which you signed. If you get off with Zynga just stopping you ability to use this feature, you got off lucky as you should of had your playing privilages suspended or permently revoked.

    I don’t think that Zynga is against passive experience. After all is that not what a capo is? If you are directly or indirectly onvolved in a fight, characters should be given some sort of experience, because, win or lose, it is still an experience. Zynga has has left some servers with the ability to still receive passive experience with leads me to believe that they are attmpting to tweak it is some way. If it was their intent was to remove it, why allow several servers the ability to give passive experience?

    This slamming of jennifer is ridulous. These individuals need to to take their five year old intelligence and logic levels and return to the sandbox. they simply do not belong at the adult’s table

  • Since script builders have very liitle control on their applications there should be a way to limit their usage

    War scripts should only be able to access 5 wars, just like manual players. The speed of spartucus should be no faster than a manual player. Wall scrubber programs need to limit their collectability to the game limits

    TOS aside, script users perks should not come at the expense of manual players and if they can not be adapted to work in unison with manual players, they need to be removed until such time as they are.

  • 2400 mafia members and I get a whopping 10 property gifts a day to divide up between them. Why is zynga making this so difficult. A whopping 5 skill point difference and attack / defensive numbers that will be in the inactive file within a month or two? I just want to help my mafia and allow my mafia to help me, is that too much to ask??

  • Once you reach a certain chronilogical age you are deemed to be what is referred to as an adult. With that, you are given certain privilages , but are also handed certain responsibilities. One of which is to uphold certain morals and behave in an ethical manner This includes neither breaking of established rules or blatantly cheat. These are not responsible actions of adults and they are not tolerated by society

    Society and being of adult stature means you take responsibity for your own actions and do not use the actions of others as justification for your own.

    ” Well everyone else is doing it”
    “Can’t beat them, guess I should join them”
    ” Been going on from the beginning, t must be ok”
    and my all time favorite

    ” Well if they don’t let me cheat, the game will die”

    if this game is a vehicle that is able to corrupt, then it needs to die And players who abused script and mini accounts to the detriment of the game should be forced to have painted a big letter “C” on their chest and to wear a big dunce cap for broadcasting narcisstic, illogical juvinile comments that were mascarading as adult thought.

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