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Episode 243: It Just BUGS Us.

The show starts off with an official ASSHAT reference. Bringing back some old memories. We then drive right in to all the stuff in the game that hit us this week. We have a new challenge mission. The consumables collected is similar to the egg-sellence event collection. The spocklet Event Meter will help keep you on task of getting all your consumables for the day. It will even recommend spocklets to use for each stage. Since we should expect nothing less we will also soon have a new limited time mission and property coming soon. Special Operations hit us this week as well and has been nothing but a nightmare, ratios changed twice, then even reset on some accounts. There is some discussion on passive xp and what some players are perceiving is the current limits. The game is riddled with bugs. The Arena Event was extended and some even wonder why. Who really cares!!! Then the crew delves into some solid ideas for resurrecting the game to its former glory.

  • I won’t help in an op if the op owner doesn’t take a spot

  • I don’t do operations I let my helpers do them, I spend my time helping them in theirs. I post my missions every 30 minutes, I also post for the people who help me as well. Sometimes doing my own missions would be easier than doing all the manager’s work

  • I used to really hope Zynga would fix the game and make it fun again. But they stopped listening so long ago and it became clear to me they just cared about money and did not care what the players wanted. You all have great ideas, other players have great ides but they just don’t care imo. All of us have really loved the game and are still here for whatever reason holding out hope, or in my case playing because I have my family I refuse to abandon. But the game is not fun anymore. Bring back the fun and stop making it work.I don’t like feeling like I am just going through the motions in a game that I used to rush to get online to play. That being said not all the reasons players left are Zyngas fault alone, some left because of Facebook and that can’t be fixed. I personally don’t like Facebook either. Timeline alone drove away a lot of people. Calling our posts spam and the fact that Zynga will not stand up to FB and just so many things we have done to play this game could have gotten our FB accounts blocked and Zynga could have stood up for players. Heck Zynga could have done anything at anytime to show that players mattered and that our loyalty to them would be given back. I have always said if you are not loyal to me don’t expect my loyalty back and Zynga has never displayed loyalty.

    Now regarding this Naughty Video Store property, people get their porn on the internet nowadays ( and me too but feel free to forget that lol), but I do give props to Zynga for a slightly less boring property I guess.

    I don’t always remember to comment cause I get busy but I listen to every podcast and look forward to them every week so I wanted you to know that you have 1 happy listener. Great job, you brighten my week every week and I appreciate it. And Mike don’t be so quiet.

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