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Episode 244: Chopper Nestor

Well we would be remiss if we did not talk about the volume of events going on s the same time. For goodness sake stagger them. We discuss Operations, Kami’s, Limited Time Mission, Stars and Stripes Collection and a myriad of other topics. Some serious unrelated squirrel moments take place like our discussion of Doug from UP, Jennifer’s PC problems and some more movie talk. Pistol Pete fills us in on a couple of toolbar updates and even a new Kiss my Hat for the Hat’s Off events. This spocklet behaves a lot like the Kiss my Bot and Egg spocklets.

  • Ugh too many events at once but like you said, for some of us we feel like we have to do them all. The problem with that is, while I feel like I have to do them, I do start to resent why Zynga took a fun game and made it so much work. Although it is my choice to be so anal I suppose.

    I think its great you gave Zynga the answer to fixing the issue with the property on your blog Jen and I really do think they turn to you for answers, but also funny they didn’t know why it wasn’t working right away or better yet, test things before release.

    I don’t mind when you get off topic and I really miss TWD too, so much that I am watching it over from the beginning lol. Been on a movie kick this week and saw Purge and The Heat, seeing World War Z tomorrow. The Heat was great.

    As far as Jana not being there, you all need to be there you all contribute something and when Jana is not there she is missed just like when any of you are not there. You all have different things you bring to the table which makes it interesting to listen to for me. 🙂

  • I cancelled my V.I.P. and bought Mafioso clothes for 700 dollars instead.
    I recommend others to do the same.
    It is a manifestation of my love to the game and a second manifestation against these profitors, going under the name of Zynga.
    – I have always seen MW as my game not theirs.
    It should be classic,referring to Mafia times and not filled with toy stores or Pink Banners.

    – Leifguru aka Wolf Shepherd has spoken!

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