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Episode 257: Is This A Game To You?

Halloween soon will be upon us and Jana is all Jazzed.  The crew is also excited about the return of AMC’s Walking Dead this Sunday. So a little bit of talk occurs about that.  October is also Breast Cancer Awareness months and yes Leif we talked about you. Not that we will ever sway your opinion. I hope you can see one other side to the purpose of the Toolbar going pink and other organizations following suit.   We title the show “Is this a game to you?” becuase we are curious is it still that or is it something different now.  We would like to hear your thoughts.   We have the accomplice event still going on and I think people have drastically lost interest.  We put our way-back hats on and discuss how we got introduced to the game. We have a bit of a rant fest and bird walk talking about who knows what. Chester does that to us. 🙂

  • Yes there’s somebody out here 😀
    Thanks for doing this, very entertaining.

  • For the record: Every Mafia Wars Player, that supports the pink banner is by me considered a bad person.
    It is not right to take away the weight from your chest by using colours instead of doing something for real.
    Everyone has some relative who died in cancer. – They sit up in heaven now, thanking you for painting a Banner Pink and saying that you “do something” by doing nothing.
    – It is a disgrace!
    I have more sensational news coming up on my wall very soon.

    Leif H Strand

  • You are welcome to your opinion, and if I agreed with you we would both be wrong. So no sense in that. 🙂

    Pistol Pete

    P.S. I appreciate your support of the pink toolbar!!! Your time and energy fighting it, created awareness for a 1000 new people. AWESOME, keep up the good work…

  • You should turn your self in to the police for mentalist fraud.

  • I fully support the pink toolbar but do not consider myself a bad person. My mother has had breast cancer twice, my aunt had it and another aunt died of it so I am very well aware of what impact it has for families and individuals. There is a limit to what people who write a script for MW can do to show support and bring awareness. This is after all a game. The pink toolbar with the pink ribbon DOES bring awareness because all who see it know what it stands for. If just 1 person sees it and thinks, its time for my mammogram or does a self exam or reminds a friend to do it, then it has done its job. And let me say, I can be that 1 person because every time I see it, it reminds me it is time for me to get mine this year. I very much applaud team Spockholm for doing this, it has brought awareness and reminded people how important this month is and since it is called Breast Cancer Awareness month I think they have done plenty just by bringing awareness as well as talking about it. Keep up the awesome work Team Spockholm and everyone on the podcast.

    It was great hearing all of you together.I too am so excited about the return of TWD.

    As far as the title of the show, yes it is still just a game to me and I remind myself of that. I try not to stress over it and take my time getting things done now.

    Again, great show, and awesome job to all and especially to Team Spockholm.

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