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Episode 260: Broadcasting From The Bar

The crew is back together, sorta. Mike decided to join us from the Bar, which makes for a couple of laughs. Jen covers the new things going on in the game, like the new district in SA. We spend a lot of time discussing what is not working in SA. We discuss a little about the Cross Promotions and Zynga stock. Pistol Pete introduces the Consumator, and other Spocklet enhancements and additions.

  • Im a fighter I fight scripted players manually I dont beleive in cheating to fight the jobs are easy an I get so mad at the auto healers and the auto attackers I call them everything and keep on icing those fat ass loser heal bots anyway. Im posted on so many fucking walls it isnt funny, yeah the infection of assholes loading you into their cheater scripts like 10 to 20 of the sorry ass losers attacking you with a fucking cheater script cause ya told them to fuck off hahahahahahhahahahahahahha and i play anyway fuck them. go try to get your ice counts when ya got 30 scripted assholes on your back.

  • Mike didn’t make icing him too easy, I had to work for it a little and got like 2118 fight losses lol. But it was fun and I appreciate he let me. It took so long to get to 200,000 ices I wanted to make it memorable. Thank you also for the shout out Mike,and I think you are all awesome.

    SA is the only city I am not done with so I am in there a lot. But the energy requirements are so high and when they have mission tasks in SA why do they have to pick jobs that require consumables. It is so annoying. The last 2 missions I barely got done with. If you have to use all your energy on a job and get no consumables to drop at all, its very frustrating.

    Thanks for the fun show, again you are all awesome 🙂

  • You guys are more entertaining than the game 🙂

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