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Episode 261: Zynga If You Are Listening

Mr. Bill and Leonard Wong sorta return to the game. Which leads to good discussion about sparking interest in the game again. The crew discussed the family size of 100 and how now days it is hard to keep a family full. There is a belief players would like to see an option for both Stam and Energy jobs. The level cap has been raised again and more and more players are hitting the cap quickly. Expect some new events soon. There is also a cross promotion on the horizon, we actually thought it would have been in place already. As far as Spocklets, Inventory Grouping has really gained some traction and some dedication from players to added new groupings.

  • You guys are all full of shit; I have played from the games beginning I hated fucking cheaters then I still play and I still hate the new fucking cheat scripts, but I do like taking on one of those health boosts and reaming out 4 or 5 health hog auto heal bots while lazy ass fight scripts attack me. Yeah guys I still play a manual fair game.

    • I really think you could have said all that with better language,more class,oh,maybe you haven’t any.Believe me,I swear like a sailor,but not in these rooms or in my posts!!! Get some manners…or duck take,oh damn,duck tape won’t help in text,what a shame…ok then,just shut up if you can’t speak appropriately!!!! Sorry all,but felt someone ought to say it 🙂 LET’S ALL ICE NOW! 🙂

    • oops cant believe I put “duck” tape….and twice lol

  • OMG Mike I can’t believe you said that. You are so embarrassing and there will be payback. 😛

    As far as getting members for my family, I have tried. It is not easy to grow a family. Most people are already in a family or don’t want to be. But I also think there are a lot of people who just aren’t active, they play casually when they want to if at all. Makes me wonder how many truly active players there are.

    I agree, the option for stamina or energy in a job would be great. People liked the option in Vegas.

    Thank you for the show, great job (except for Mike, kidding lol)

    • We can always slip you in for shoutouts if you want to repay the favor <3
      ~ Jana

  • Oh you know I do Jana. I just haven’t figured out how yet. lol

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