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Episode 265: Belated Christmas Greeting

Jennifer, Pete and Mike catch up to get a quick recording over the holidays break.  We attempt to cover most of the changes in the game. Since there has been a lot.

  • I agree the things Zynga did this week are all nice gestures and it made it more fun. I despised working on operations and limited time properties at Christmas time with so much to do in rl then. But at least with the Holiday Hustle that’s fun and more sps every day for us is very nice of them as is crafting from 7 properties.

    I think Jen that no matter what you say or do some people are going to complain and criticize you. You can’t win. They either just like to complain or they blame you for things that aren’t even your fault. Regardless, you apologized so I would hope they would move on, although from checking your MWLL site it doesn’t seem like they have.. I think you have handled it all very well and with dignity and restraint and I wish other people would do the same. I don’t know how you deal with all the negativity. I have to keep my mouth shut when I read it or I’d tell people off. The fact that people feel superior in an online game astounds me.If we were playing chess maybe they could feel superior. But this is just a silly lil mafia game on FB and no one is superior to anyone else.

    I think the fact that the new boss is waving his fist is better than if he was waving his middle finger. Although that would be funny.

    I forgot the guys name who sent in the rant but I agree with him. I did hear a lot of people complain about how VIPS were pulling too far ahead and we forget that not everyone can afford to spend money on a game, or even want to. I got rid of my VIP many months ago and don’t miss it, but I do wish when they updated fight loot they made it better so it was more fun to fight again. And I also miss the social aspect of the game. I miss that the most actually. Not wars or mock wars or any of that but just connecting to people. Helping out lower levels and talking to family members and mafia friends. Now people just play a little and leave, no time for talking.

    I missed hearing Jana this week, please tell her I said that. Thanks for doing the show and keeping me informed and entertained.

    Happy Birthday Mike. I hope you have a fabulous birthday followed by an even better year.

  • Happy New year podcast people. Thanks for entertaining me and keeping me informed in 2013. 🙂

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