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Episode 266: First Show of 2014

Here we are off starting yet another year. We have now been broadcasting the show for 3+ years. So thanks to all of you loyal listeners for keeping us motivated. There is not a lot going on, which honestly is the best thing ever.  It is nice to have a break from all the events, we experienced over the Christmas and New Year break.  It will be nice to return to a routine of our own choosing.  Not driven by what Zynga wants us to do.  So we regroup a bit in this episode and talk a little strategy and continue to make recommendations to Zynga on how to resurrect interest in the game.

  • I really loved some of what they did for the Holidays with the free stuff and extra builds and the Holiday event. I mean flipping cards over is easy and takes a second.I don’t like the fact that they like to give us events and properties to build on a holiday. I just want 1 holiday with nothing to do.

    My wishlist for Spock scripts focuses on Spartacus. I wish when you run out of stamina there was the option there for it to stop using the health refills and when I need to do Arenas for an event a box I can press to say stop at say 8 Arenas would be awesome in addition to using the amount of stamina per arena I like. I know with just combining other things that is sort of possible, however a box is easier.

    It is so great you have been doing this for 3 years. I wish you continued success and am looking forward to the shows of 2014. I am sure it is hard to stay motivated especially when the game gets us down, but I listen every week and I look forward to it a lot.You do a fantastic job of combining fun with info on the game.I also like the talks about how the game used to be. I think if you have fun, we have fun listening and even when you just talk or discuss shows or an occasional movie, it’s all good. (Yeah I could talk about TWD all day)

    Get better soon Mike.

  • I liked the Hustle too, but wondered at the end… there were three “special” days that were supposed to have better things happen, and it seemed like to me that they all were the same. Was I just not paying attention? I just didn’t remember anything special happening on the 28th, etc. LOL.

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