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Episode 267: Some Small Talk

Not really any deep thought provoking conversation.  Oddly, we start out with some weather talk.  Sorry we just could not help it, becuase it is COLD. Good Mafia Wars playing weather.  We delve into the NERF talk.  Yup, Zynga did it again and wait until you hear their explanation.  We discuss the maintenance and the timing. We also spend a good bit of time talking about ratio and leveling.

  • Ty Jana that was very sweet of you. 🙂 And you know I am the same way about TWD lol, I am excited its a month away and want it here already. I am sorry to hear about your health issues. I love concerts and have been to a lot of them and never wear earplugs so I should probably think about that. That shrill scream of some girls, I mean seriously they should put a cork in that.

    I wasn’t even to district 10 in SA when everyone started talking about the great jobs so when the nerf happened I didn’t notice. I really agree though, if it was intentional there would have been a fuss made when it happened. I also never would have noticed the issue with the VIP items so its very cool someone did notice.

    I like hearing about goals you set and strategies for playing. My goal was to get to 200k in ices and since I did that I am goalless so I need to think of something. It makes the game more interesting.

    The weather was terrible. The worst cold we had in 30 years and the amount of snow we got was a whole lot more than normal. I was supposed to go out but just didn’t. And my poor hubby shoveling snow in the cold with the 3-4 foot snow drifts on our driveway said it about killed him.

    Anyway, small talk is fine with me. I enjoy whatever you talk about. 🙂

  • It’s so funny, I had decided today to stop all the leveling, so I may actually get sleep, lol… and you guys were talking about that too. I enjoy listening to you all so much, thanks for doing these!

  • nice show again guys thanks for keeping us up to date every week, even if there isnt much going on right now.

    I was thinking about the using up your energy faster and thought wouldnt it be good if there was a job where you could select how much energy you use for each click, say start at 100 per click up to 10,000 a click and the xp you get back would reflect how much you used. if they wanted lots of clicks the lower the amount spent then better the ratio or just do it for the VIP’s to encourage more people to take it up.

    I was a vip for a time, but like many i didnt think it was worth it so if they did something special for the people who pay and keep the game free for the rest of us, that might get more people paying but they would have to do it while there was nothing else going on in the game so we could all see what we are missing out on.

    Anyway great show again and thank you for doing so much for us all.

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