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Episode 271: It’s All About The People

We have a strong belief that what makes this game what is it is the people who play it. We take some time to discuss the potential of resurrecting community style mock wars., giving players a chance to really meet new players. We also spend some time discussing the issues around event fatigue and how it does force players away. It seems more and more the events for holidays seem more geared to spending (ie marketplace) and less about just doing something a little different to break the game up.

  • I don’t think a lot of people who play now are sociable. A lot of people come on and do a few things and go. It does bother me because I always liked the social aspect and that’s just not there. People have lives to get to and I realize that but I don’t think that’s the entire reason, I think interest is just waning, in my opinion. Of course the more events they give us to do at once the crabbier I get so better that I don’t always have to be sociable.

    Thanks for the show as always, you all rock.

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