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Episode 275: April Fools, Gets You Everytime

Jen and Pete have the show to themselves tonight.  They spend some time chatting about the Spockholm  annual April fools joke. The also spend a good bit of time talking about the Blackjack event and the newly released SpackJack spocklet

  • I don’t think Zynga cares that its frustrating when we can’t finish events and it sort of makes me say oh well I will just play less. I really tried on that mission and could not finish and I normally finish early. Then the blackjack event we can’t finish without paying a lot of rps which I refuse to do.

    Of course the biggest thing I am irritated with is that FB made me change my name that I have has since I started on FB over 5 years ago. I heard it is happening to other people too.

    Thanks for the show, great as always. I am trying to get over the flu and my birthday is on Saturday so not having a great week and your podcasts brighten my day.

  • Happy Birthday, QueenBrat! Hope you feel better for it!

    Thanks for the show, Jen and Pete!

  • Thanks Jo very nice of you. 🙂

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