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Episode 271: It’s All About The People

We have a strong belief that what makes this game what is it is the people who play it. We take some time to discuss the potential of resurrecting community style mock wars., giving players a chance to really meet new players. We also spend some time discussing the issues around event fatigue and how […]

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Episode 249: The CRAY Energy Episode

It goes without saying, the majority of the conversation has revolved around South Africa. It was an amazing observation how Energy intensive the destination really is.  Zynga hits us with yet another Ice Season.  We share a couple of tips on how to get your Ices pretty quickly.  Spockholm Team was all over South Africa […]

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Episode 248: **** With Friends

Well we do not always jump right into MW, but tonight we did get a pretty good jump on it. We tackle the Ice Event and the bug that allowed one family to keep some carryover ices from a previous event.  Guess what a new location is here and its name is “new Location”, the […]

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